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Drs. Karla Isaacs & Rodriguez

BRACE YOURSELF, P.C. was founded and Incorporated in 2005 by Rafael Rodriguez II, C.E.O, Born on March 10, 1969 in San Juan, Puerto Rico and was raised in Spanish Harlem, know as "El Barrio" with the singer "Marc Anthony" and the "Barrio Boyz". He was also in the music business but his calling was to be in the dental profession. In 1981 he received a scholarship from a multi-millionaire Eugene M. Lang of the first "I Have a Dream Foundation" Although growing up in this rough neighborhood Rafael Rodriguez II was fortunate enough to graduate high school and got accepted into NYU College of Dentistry and later graduated class of 1995. In 1999 Rodriguez started to work in Harlem on 125th Street at Dr. Jerrold Goldin, D.D.S. Dental Office. There he met Dr. Karla Isaacs and shortly after Rodriguez got in to a tragic car accident which left him wheel chair bond for over 90 days. He later obtained lawsuit money and invested his money with Dr. Isaacs and in 2003 they became partners and opened their very own dental practice. Today Dr Karla Isaacs has over fourteen years of orthodontic experience, together Dr. Isaacs & Rodriguez have surpassed the meaning of success.

Orthodontic treatment provided by Dr. Karla W. Isaacs, D.D.S. (Orthodontist) Graduate of Columbia Universities Orthodontic Program in 2002.

BRACE YOURSELF, P.C. provides top-notch ORTHODONTIC CARE, great staff support, and prices that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise BRACE YOURSELF, P.C. has established a business relationship that will last a lifetime! a new location in Manhattan will open soon details will be provided..

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