We have the Latest Sirona 3D X-Ray Technology

By drisaacs
December 03, 2010
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starsWHAT MAKES BRACE YOURSELF DIFFERENT FROM ALL DENTAL OFFICES? ANSWER: WE GIVE BACK.... On Wednesday November 24, 2010 a day before Thanksgiving Brace Yourself helped feed over 500 people in the community straight from their dental office with the help of the Salvation Army and The Chaplains Workers Federation. Rafael Rodriguez II the CEO of Brace Yourself is also a Chaplain. Special thanks to Chief Carlos Chaplain and all the members of CWF who made this day possible.



Wow..Never heard of a Dental office that gives back
By Brandon K
December 06, 2010
Most dental offices just take,take,take, thank God for Rodriguez and Brace Yourself for giving back.
Bronx Dentist
By James P
June 27, 2011
This is greatBronx Dentist