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Do you have concerns about the freshness of your breath or the breath of a friend or loved one?

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An estimated 40 million Americans have chronic bad breath.
In my experience, most people who have bad breath are not even aware they have a problem. How is that possible? The reason is that our sense of smell has an incredible ability to adjust to odors. Have you ever noticed how an offensive smell in a closed room seems to get better over time? The reality is that the odor does not improve, your nose merely gets used to it. That is why many people with chronic bad breath falsely believe their breath is perfectly fresh and normal.

Until recently your only option was over-the-counter mouthwashes that attempt to cover-up bad breath with perfumes. Also most over-the-counter mouthwash products contain alcohol which dries soft oral tissue and ultimately leads to even faster formation of odor-causing bacteria.

Recent research has identified the source of chronic bad breath and ways to effectively treat it.

There are two types of bad breath. The first type is transitory bad breath that is caused by things we eat, like onions and garlic. This transitory type only lasts from 24 to 72 hours. The second type is called chronic bad breath. Chronic bad breath does not improve over time. Chronic bad breath results when bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue cause the formation of volatile sulfur compounds.

Now there is hope.

Our 100 percent alcohol-free, antibacterial breath treatment system fights bad breath, at its source, by reducing foul smelling volatile sulfur compounds and the bacteria that produce them.

Try our state-of-the-art breath treatment system today, to give you the cleanest, freshest breath possible that lasts and lasts.

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